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Vital Information: After having a hysterectomy, many women experience an improvement in sexual functioning, including.

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Sex drive after hysterectomy Some women have less interest in sex after having a hysterectomy. If this happens to you, your interest in sex may return as your.

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Another study reported that neither the body image nor the libido decreased after hysterectomy, and no important changes occurred in this regard (15). However.

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For many women and their partners, low sex drive due to a drop in estrogen and testosterone levels is a temporary adjustment. Your doctor may.

Loss of sex drive: A woman may experience a reduced libido if her ovaries are removed, as this will cause a lack of estrogen. ยท Pelvic floor. Effects following removal of ovaries Ovaries produce testosterone and estrogen. These hormones are an integral part of your libido, or sex.

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